Assembly Chair recruitment – extension for applications from prospective candidates to Monday 12th April at 10.00am

We have been actively promoting the role of Norfolk and Waveney VCSE Assembly Chair over the past few weeks across a variety of communication channels. We believe this is a truly exciting opportunity for the right candidate to play a leading role, with management and administrative support, alongside health and social care leaders to further embed and strengthen our partnership between the VCSE and the wider Integrated Care System in Norfolk and Waveney. We’ve received a number of queries from people interested in the role who are keen to understand more about the nature of the role in support of their application.

Given this, and the current pressures we are all facing in the continued COVID pandemic response, our VCSE Assembly Chair appointment working group believe it right to take the decision to extend the deadline for applications to Monday 12th April at 10.00am. We hope this serves to give prospective candidates longer to both consider and complete their applications at what is a very busy time of year, but too would reiterate the invite to any candidates interested in exploring the role further to have conversations with Health or VCSE colleagues involved in the Assembly work to find out more about the role.

Please get in touch and we will put you in touch with Assembly Steering Group members (who have declared their intention not to run for the Chair role) to have further discussions.

We thought it would also be helpful to provide some high level feedback to you all on the themes of questions that have come from prospective candidates when we’ve spoken to them:

What will be the nature of the role? Will this be solely an ask to ‘Chair’ key Assembly forum, or will there be other work involved?

The role will play a number of key functions which will include representing the VCSE community at the ICS Partnership Board, chairing VCSE Assembly forum and building relationships across the VCSE and wider health and social care sector with the aim of developing a meaningful, equal partnership.

What support will the Chair have to draw on?

The role of VCSE Assembly Chair is a key one for furthering our working relationships and as such will be well supported by managerial, administrative and technical experts to further the Assembly. This will include Director level support and sponsorship from the Norfolk and Waveney ICS, Integration and Partnership manager role support from the CCG and communication and engagement technical support from the CCG team. In addition there will be a budget commensurate with funding received for 2020/21, which will be used to fund specific pieces of engagement and facilitation work from the VCSE sector, and development of the representative leadership alliance that sits around the Chair, as well as ongoing Assembly website support and maintenance. This principle of working as a team and combining effort (i.e. VCSE, health and social care together) is an important basis of our partnering. The VCSE Assembly will be made up of the many VCSE organisations operating in Norfolk & Waveney and collectively will provide the breadth and depth of understanding to support such representation and actively engage and support such partnership working at all levels and localities.

Does the Chair have to have a history in, and be employed currently within Norfolk and Waveney VCSE?

We believe it important for the Chair to have a working understanding of the VCSE sector in Norfolk and Waveney to strongly represent the Sector on the basis of 3-4 working days per month. However we recognise that this could come from a variety of means – e.g. someone currently employed in the Norfolk and Waveney VCSE sector in a leadership or Trustee capacity, someone recently retired or having left the sector in Norfolk and Waveney, or someone with expertise and experience in the VCSE sector who may have connections to Norfolk and Waveney. Any of these circumstances or similar will bring different benefits, which we would seek to draw out through the selection process.

Will the role be remunerated?

This is a senior, influential and important role within our Norfolk and Waveney ICS partnership and as such it will be a remunerated role at a level comparable to senior leadership roles in the VCSE sector. The remuneration will be agreed with the preferred candidate on the basis of their individual skills, knowledge and experience and the time commitment they are able to give.

For further details about the role, including a Candidate Information pack, see The Chair.

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