Voluntary Norfolk is contracted to provide project management support for the development of the Norfolk and Waveney VCSE Health and Social Care Assembly, with funding from NHS England/ NHS Improvement’s STP and ICS VCSE Leadership Accelerator Programme Legacy Fund.

The legacy fund was offered to STP/ICS accelerator systems that were part of the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Leadership Accelerator programme in 2018/19. It enables systems to embed and develop partnership working between VCSE organisations and STP/ICS and help secure funding for VCSE partnership working until March 2021.

NHS England and NHS Improvement recognise the VCSE sector as a key transformation, innovation and integration partner. The sector provides a strategic voice and is critical in the delivery of integrated and personalised care. The Long-Term Plan (LTP) recognises the importance of working with the sector and the need for VCSE representation on an ICS Board. The ICS Maturity Framework also highlights the key role of VCSE partnerships in developing and becoming a thriving ICS.

About the Legacy Fund
NHS England and NHS Improvement established the STP/ICS VCSE Leadership Accelerator programme in 2018/2019. The purpose was to test and learn from the development of system level VCSE leadership groups or alliances in 9 STP/ICSs. The creation of these groups/alliances encourages the sector to work in a coordinated way and provide the STP/ICS with a single route of contact and engagement with the sector and links to communities.

Overall objectives
Each system is required to support the following objectives:
• development of diverse and inclusive VCSE leadership structures across an STP/ICS, providing a strategic voice and supporting the delivery of integrated care;
• demonstrate the value of partnership working between the VCSE sector and STP/ICS and how this can positively impact on health and care services, communities and health inequalities; and
• support equal and sustainable relationships and coproduction between the VCSE sector and STPs/ICSs with commitment from all parties.